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December 6, 2011

Teleopti AB receives the highest credit rating

Teleopti AB has been appraised to have the highest credit rating and has therefore received "Risk Class 5 - Gold Seal" from the leading credit reporting agency in Sweden, UC.

Getting this award is an honor and provides further support for our “Long-term strategy of growing profitably with a strong economy”. Twenty years of profitable growth has not always been easy. Today it is a part of our culture. Therefore, this recognition from UC feels very good", says Olle Düring, CEO Teleopti AB.

UC Risk is a collection of scoring models that are optimized for the calculation of Swedish companies' ability to survive and the credit risk of individual companies. Teleopti AB has received the highest credit rating according to UC, class 5, where 5 means lowest risk.

 For more information please contact

Olle Düring, CEO Teleopti AB
+46 709 218110