December 20, 2011

Teleopti opens new office in Brazil

A growing company with a sophisticated WFM tool

Teleopti continues to expand its global footprint at a rapid pace, with three goals always in mind: successful exposure to new markets, high profitability, and the most satisfied customers in the world.

Building on its successful expansion into the North and South American market with an office in New York City in 2010, the company has just opened a new office in the city of São Paulo.  Teleopti brings an advanced and user-friendly interface, sophisticated forecasting and scheduling algorithms, a focus on employee empowerment, and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry worldwide to the growing Brazilian market.

“I have seen many WFM suppliers over the years, but I have never seen a company with a more advanced and user-friendly product and so many competent employees delivering such substantial improvements to their customers,” says Alexandre Schultz, Teleopti’s new Business Manager in São Paulo.  “The Brazilian market has lacked a tool that engages agents in the contact center.  I am happy to be part of the team bringing this agent involvement to the forefront.  The reception up to this point has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Teleopti had several customers and partners in South America before establishing an office in the region and the local presence with the Sao Paulo office is expected to accelerate this growth.

An experienced team

Teleopti has chosen Alexandre Schultz, one of the most experienced WFM executives in Brazil, to lead the new Brazilian team.  Alexandre is well-known within the large South American country’s WFM industry and has a broad range of talents, spanning from initial sale to customer support and satisfaction.

“Alexandre is passionate about satisfied customers and hence shares one of Teleopti’s most important values,” says Magnus Geverts, President of Teleopti Inc.  "Alexandre’s customer focus should come as no surprise, as he previously served as Verint’s Customer Service and Support Manager for all of Latin America."

But Alexandre’s experience does not end there.  After leaving Verint, he faced new and exciting challenges with a local Brazilian WFM vendor as their Director of Sales. During this time, Alex gained a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of all of the WFM tools in the Brazilian market, as well as exposure to other tools around the globe.  Teleopti could not be happier to have Alexandre as part of its global team, and according to Alex the feeling is mutual.

More about Teleopti

Teleopti is one of the world's leading providers of solutions for workforce management in contact centers. Enterprises in over 60 countries across the globe use solutions from us to improve operating efficiency and service levels. Teleopti is known for developing products with superior technology, based on customer needs, which are easy to implement and use.

Year after year, over 96% of our customers recommend other call centers to invest in solutions from Teleopti.  One reason is a cutting-edge product, with core scheduling and forecasting functionality, second to none.  Another reason is their belief that empowered employees perform better, embodied by industry-leading tools to empower and engage our customers most valuable resources.  In the long run, the most important factor to our high customer satisfaction is our outstanding customer and partner support. We will go the extra mile to support our customers reach operational excellence.

The company was founded in 1992 and Teleopti has since then grown steadily and is doing so at an increasing pace.  Our strategy has been to stay cautious and has been financed through our own income. This has created a solid company with sustainable and self-generated growth, one that has been profitable every year. A high level of profit secures future investments in support and development, to make sure our customers have the best WFM solution, today and tomorrow.