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January 19, 2010

Teleopti goes strong through the recession with an order growth of 15 percent

Teleopti AB goes strong through the recession, remaining profitable, maintaining their AAA+ rating, and increasing orders with 15%. This is a strong result, considering the worldwide market as a whole experienced a 15% downturn.

”We SAVE, we are STABLE and we help customers IMPROVE, these are the three main reasons for our growth”, comments Teleopti CEO Nils Bildt.

During 2009 Teleopti launched version 7 of the leading WFM solution for Contact Centres, Teleopti WFM in EMEA. This led to additional orders from Teleperformance, the largest contact centre in the world, who made considerable savings with this new solution.

Furthermore Teleopti implemented Teleopti Pro, the world’s most comprehensive TEM application, at Ericsson, who integrated 40 mobile operators in a global roll-out for call data managed to cut costs substantially.

In order to offer Enterprise WFM solutions, Teleopti established a partnership with Q-matic,
the world leading Enterprise Customer Flow systems supplier.

In the EMEA market, partnerships were launched together with Altitude and Avaya.

Teleopti also added three new offices, in Beijing, New York and Paris, to the list of existing offices in Delhi, Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul, Madrid, Frankfurt, London, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm.