August 10, 2010

Teleopti AB first organisation in Sweden to achieve 3 stars for SDI’s Service Desk Certification programme

On September 10, 2010, Maureen Lundgren-Gomes, Service Desk Manager at Teleopti and the rest of the Teleopti Service Desk Team along with Miska Suves, Director Professional Services will be presented with their 3 star Service Desk Certification Award. The Service Desk Institute will be represented by Tessa Troubridge, Managing Director of and Tony Ranson SDI Lead Auditor.

The 3 star certification, is the level of excellence and maturity that signifies customer led service and support.

At the Teleopti Service Desk only 3% of incoming incidents are received over the telephone; the bulk of the incidents come from emails from the customer base. Another major difference is the need for the Analysts to have a high degree of technical knowledge, product skills and expertise as they support Teleopti’s own extremely complex software products at 1st, 2nd and 3rd line levels.

Tony Ranson SDI Auditor comments “Leadership is excellent from the top management team and there is a strategic plan which cascades down through all teams and departments … there appears to be a good understanding throughout the Service Desk team of how their own roles contribute to the successful delivery of the mission to the customers”.

On achieving the certification Olle Düring, CEO, Teleopti says "Here at Teleopti, we enjoy a customer retention rate of close to 100%, due to the exceptional level of support we provide to our clients and partners. For five consecutive years we have asked our customer base for feedback in a structured way. The last question has remained the same every year; ‘Would you recommend Teleopti as a vendor to another company?’ The results have been that 96% to 98% do recommend Teleopti. Earning the 3 Star Service Desk Certification, validates our commitment to providing world-class customer and partner support."

“Earning the 3 Star Service Desk Certification is the result of a company culture that the customer always comes first and of dedicated and structured work to define, refine and document roles, responsibilities and processes. These processes are primarily in Teleopti Service Desk, but also in other functions within the company, including partner relations. Dedicated staff was the success factor in the change process.” says Maureen Lundgren-Gomes, Service Desk Manager at Teleopti. Howard Kendall, chairman and founder of SDI adds “Service is a key element of supporting the Teleopti products and the Service Desk has improved in all the elements of this certification and I am delighted that a 3 star rating has been achieved at the first attempt”.

The SDI’s SDC audit evaluates service desk operations against an internationally accepted global standard for best practice, providing companies with a benchmark to form a baseline for service improvements. Based around ITIL and ITSM frameworks, the certification evaluates companies in the following areas: incident and problem resolution; change and release management; service level management; availability and capacity management; configuration management; business continuity and financial management; knowledge management and customer relationship management.

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