January 20, 2009

Teleopti Reports the 16th Consecutive Year of Profit

Teleopti today reports a SEK 6 million profit and a turnover of SEK 106 million.  This means an increase with more than 10%.


In 2008 Teleopti expanded the geograpchical footprint; Five new offices were opened to support local customers and partners in Frankfurt, Helsinki, Moscow, Madrid and in Istanbul. Projects were completed in 9 new countries expanding the customer base to more than 50 countries globally. Other major investments were done by the completion of the development of the latest version of their major solution Teleopti WFM as well as service-based offerings.


“We can see further growth in 2009, says Nils Bildt, CEO and founder of Teleopti AB. “We sell SAVINGS. We are able to show customers the before and verified after effect, the quantified improvement and the required investment and hence making the return on investment visible!


Teleopti is a STABLE supplier, thanks to the business model but mostly thanks to the amount of serviced customer and the high degree of customer satisfaction, where 96 % of the customers are willing to recommend Teleopti to others.