September 22, 2009

Teleopti brings optimisation into Enterprise Workforce Management with Teleopti WFM, version 7

Teleopti WFM is already the most modern and one of the most advanced and flexible workforce management solutions on the market. Teleopti WFM is used in several hundred contact centres around the globe to provide superior customer service at the lowest possible resource cost. Yet the refinements of Teleopti WFM version 7 now make it possible to extend these benefits to the rest of the enterprise, for example back office operations, retail or banking branches or field service operations.

While many of Teleopti’s customers have been using the solution to administrate back office or retail staff for quite some years now, optimisation has typically been the realm of the contact centre. As the requirements to provide high customer service and productivity while reducing overhead costs have extended beyond the contact centre, customers have been looking at extending the optimisation too. Teleopti has risen to the challenge, and the key factor to enable this transition has been the powerful integrations to enterprise systems, whether back office task management solutions or retail queuing systems.


Today our customers  count on detailed statistics that make it possible to create accurate forecasting and enterprise-wide performance reporting for back office or customer-facing staff.. The powerful optimisation engine at the heart of Teleopti WFM makes sure that you get the highest possible levels of performance with up to 20% lower resource costs by reducing idle time, increasing efficiency and making sure the right people are in the right place at the right time.

“This way, our clients can get a solution that not only improves their customers’ experience and staff satisfaction, but also quickly pays for itself through efficiency and productivity improvements” says Nils Bildt, CEO and Founder of Teleopti.