March 19, 2009

Q-Matic Partners With Teleopti - Delivering 25% Savings in Customer Facing Operations

Q-Matic partners with Teleopti – delivering 25% savings in customer facing operations

Q-Matic, the world’s leading queue management company and the inventor of Customer Flow Management (CFM) announced today that they will partner with Teleopti, one of the world’s leading providers of solutions for strategic Workforce Management (WFM) in contact centres.


Cost savings of 25% through optimisation

Q-Matic and Teleopti solutions combined enable customers to optimise staffing in the customer facing operations, such as; branch networks, contact centres, retail outlets etc., whilst at least maintaining service levels and thereby achieving an efficient workforce management. In the contact centre environment, Teleopti achieve cost savings of 25% or more through enhanced performance and workforce optimisation in contact centres, and we expect to realise the same potential in the branch network environment.

Q-Matic technology tracks and records vital customer data in a branch such as customer waiting times and arrival patterns and Teleopti’s technology forecasts future transaction volumes and staffing requirements to enable managers to produce optimal schedules that meet customer service level targets and improve operational efficiency.

Teleopti’s advanced and flexible workforce management solution will provide customers with the ultimate user experience and return on investment. Teleopti is renowned for providing agent friendly and focused solutions for optimising contact centres or any other customer facing operations. Features like the built-in fairness and rating engine allows agents to balance their work/life, with lower staff attrition as a result.

Q-Matic is active in banks, retail outlets, healthcare institutions and the travel, leisure and public sectors. Teleopti operates in the same verticals and is also strong in the mobile service provider segment with related retail outlets. Together Q-Matic and Teleopti will address new synergies and cost saving areas.

“Right now our clients are demanding solutions which not only enhance their customers experience but also pay for themselves through productivity gains. This partnership helps us to achieve just that” said Michael Hallén, Q-Matic, President & CEO.

“During 2008 we noticed an increasing need for our solutions to manage non-contact centre operations, where customers experience face-to-face services. In Q-Matic we have found a strong and experienced partner”, said Nils Bildt, CEO & founder of Teleopti. “Working together, Teleopti and Q-Matic, two successful global companies, are able to help the world manage queuing and serving customers efficiently whether by phone or through face-to-face meetings.”

For further information please contact:
Michael Hallén, President & CEO, Q-MATIC AB
Phone:                +46 31 756 46 00        

Nils Bildt, CEO & founder, Teleopti AB
Phone:                +46 8 568 951 13        

About Q-Matic
Q-Matic created Customer Flow Management (CFM) and is the world’s leading queue management company. Customer Flow Management is the process of managing customer flow and experience from initial contact to final service delivery. The CFM Process helps organisations increase productivity and profitability while improving customer and staff experiences.

Q-Matic is active in 110 countries with 40,000 installations worldwide in banks, retail outlets, healthcare institutions, and the travel, leisure and public sectors. Every year 1.7 billion users pass through Q-Matic’s systems.

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