August 31, 2009

FirstAssist insures against poor planning with Teleopti WFM

One of the UK's leading white-label insurance providers, FirstAssist Insurance Services Limited, has selected Teleopti to provide the award winning Teleopti WFM Workforce Management Solution to improve its customer service and staff scheduling processes at the company's inbound call centre in Plymouth. Just a few weeks into using the system they have already delivered what FirstAssist describes as greater clarity and control with over their day-to-day contact centre operations. The solution was delivered by Teleopti’s UK fulfilment partner, Datapulse LTD.
Following the acquisition of several contracts with new business partners, FirstAssist’s main call centre in Plymouth rapidly expanded from 30 to 120 inbound sales agents to cope with the 4 fold increase in call volume. It quickly became clear that the call centre had out-grown the existing spread-sheet based process for scheduling staff to meet demand and needed a robust, flexible system to improve workflow management.
Citing its key objectives as ensuring consistently high service levels, improving cost efficiencies and to automate the labour intensive process of scheduling agents to meet customer demand, FirstAssist chose the Teleopti WFM solution after the completion of a highly successful trial.
Richard Warne, Operations Manager at FirstAssist says that the new system is now delivering benefits in several areas: “The immediate effect of implementing Teleopti WFM was the considerable savings in time and resources. It used to take over half a day to create the schedules manually, and we would tweak them each week to try and improve service levels. With Teleopti WFM this process takes less than 20 minutes so we can spend more time looking for trends and future planning rather than fire fighting! We easily hit our service level objectives day on day instead of playing catch up.”
FirstAssist has also been delighted by Teleopti WFM’s ability to use historical ACD data with in-built intelligence in order to accurately predict seasonal variations and analyse trends. The system also keeps track of agents’ skills, ensuring the right skilled agents are available at the right time. These capabilities have resulted in the company being able to reduce staffing requirements while maintaining the high quality of service that their customers expect.
Along with the detailed picture of agent activity and accurate intraday forecasts by the new solution, FirstAssist is now able to publish the work schedules for its call-centre workers four weeks in advance on an intranet, allowing staff and management to plan for holidays, training and other off-line activity.
“Our call centre agents are extremely pleased with the Teleopti WFM system. They now have the ability to inuence their schedule by entering their preferences for work and free time directly into the system. They can also check their performance against company KPIs which count towards their bonus – a process that was previously extremely difficult and often inaccurate,” enthuses Richard Warne. “By giving the agents the opportunity to influence their work, motivation has increased and agent turnover decreased.”
Matt Woodward, Teleopti Business Manager UK & Ireland, says: “We were delighted to work with Datapulse and FirstAssist on this project. On meeting the team at FirstAssist we were very quickly able to help them identify those areas of their business which would benefit from using the Teleopti WFM solution and, through the course of the proof of concept trial, we helped guide them through a successful implementation to reaping rewards in terms of cost-saving and improved agent performance through greater adherence.”
Richard Warne agrees, concluding: "Teleopti WFM gives us the flexible, automated approach to scheduling and planning that we need. Both agents and managers are very happy with the way it has improved business performance and productivity while maintaining a good work-life balance. In addition the solution looks modern, slick and professional which is extremely important when tendering for new business. “