July 6, 2009

COMSTAR-UTS Enhances Performance of Outsourcing Call Centre

May 19, 2009, Moscow. COMSTAR – United TeleSystems (JSC COMSTAR-UTS, LSE: CMST), the leading supplier of integrated telecommunication solutions in Russia and the CIS, has announced the implementation of Teleopti WFM, a professional system for contact center resource management (Workforce Management, WFM). BELTEL is the system integrator that is taking care of the implementation project.

COMSTAR-UTS contact center is one of the first outsourcing call centers in Russia. Today, the company provides a full range of contact center services to corporate customers and serves various companies as an outsourcer on a continuous basis. The decision to launch the WFM system has been taken to enhance the performance of the contact center, provide high-quality customer service, optimize non-call work and reduce the time required to create and amend agents’ schedules. Teleopti, a Swedish company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of WFM, has been selected to implement their solution, Teleopti WFM, at Comstar. Teleopti WFM is tightly integrated with the contact center platform to gather information on key contact center information such as the number of queues and calls in each queue, average call handling time, and a number of available operators. Based on historical data, a forecast for future periods is made, and the number of operators required for each 15-minute interval of a working day is calculated. When designing the operators’ work schedule, the following parameters are taken into consideration: operation time of each server served by the outsourcing contact center, service level, available shifts for operators and even their preferences when it comes to the type of schedule they would like to work. The system takes into account various types of absence from the working place. It allows optimizing operators’ working time due to flexible hours (start and end of a working day), options of lunch break start and end.
Teleopti WFM also generates various reports, including, for example, agent adherence to their schedule in both real-time and historically.
Within the scope of the project, BELTEL has designed a solution to implement Teleopti WFM, installed and configured a new system. It has also held a number of workshops to provide training in operation of various system modules.
COMSTAR-UTS has many years’ experience of co-operation with BELTEL, system integrator, in the development and upgrading of the contact center, while Teleopti WFM system perfectly meets all demands that we have with regard to such solutions, – says Yury Mazniker, Director of COMSTAR-UTS Intellectual Network Department. – When arranging working teams, the outsourcing contact center takes into account the customers’ demands such as the availability of operators at any given moment in time.
“Installation of Teleopti WFM at COMSTAR-UTS has demonstrated that the solution is in great demand on the Russian market. We believe that, subject to the current economic situation, each company has to face an issue of customer service quality, which is confirmed by an increased number of our customers that buy contact centers. For the contact center that numbers over 50 operators or provides many services and has many shifts of operators' work, integration of a system similar to WMF is a natural step towards optimisation of business processes and a certain guarantee of service quality”, says Dmitry Grafsky, senior BELTEL specialist in sales of solutions for arrangement of contact centers.
“Thanks to balanced actions taken by the BELTEL team and high proficiency level of COMSTAR-UTS employees, personnel of the contact center has been quick enough to master broad functional capabilities of the Teleopti WFM solution, which has allowed to promptly optimize the process of management of operators’ activity in the contact center”, adds Valery Tarasov, Business manager of Teleopti in Russia and CIS.