September 16, 2008

Teleopti today launched next generation of WFM solution Teleopti WFM, version 7

Teleopti WFM is already one of the most advanced and versatile workforce management solutions on the market. The new generation, Teleopti WFM, version 7, comes with new and improved features. Work has been focused on consolidating six previous generations of the solution and to harness the knowledge and relationship Teleopti has with its global customer base to create the workforce and performance management solution for others to beat. Consequently usability and solution performance as well as interoperability based on a greatly improved Software Developer Kit have been core areas for the development team.

Working in today’s contact centre operations means that you most likely have a diverse and complex organisation to manage. Effective workforce and performance management is proven to be a critical process within the operation which demands a top-of-the-range solution. Whether you manage a single site contact centre or a network of centres including home workers Teleopti WFM, version 7 gives you the support you need to improve and optimise your operational performance. Teleopti is renowned for providing agent-friendly and focused solutions for optimising contact centres or any other customer facing operation. Features like the built-in fairness and rating engine for agents, enhanced once more, ensures that you will optimise you operation whilst achieving the best possible “Work/Life Balance” for your staff and securing low staff retention.

Another strong feature in Teleopti WFM, version 7 is its solution openness, flexibility and interoperability; each user can choose its language and cultural settings of his preference. Teleopti WFM currently supports 23 languages and cultural settings and can deliver a non-supported language within 4 weeks. Teleopti WFM can easily be integrated to any 3rd party solution to leverage your existing application base, e.g. common agent registry and integrated performance management.

“The new version comes with more than 100 improvements directly advised by and for our great customers throughout our regions”, said David Påhlman, Marketing Director at Teleopti.

Some of the most important new features in Teleopti WFM, version 7 are:

• Fully fledged Performance Management solution including Management dashboards 
  and Agent scorecards for effective Performance Management and empowerment
• 1-minute optimisation granularity
• Advanced Intraday Management
• An integrated “Software Development Kit” for advanced end to end integrations to all
  solutions providers in the industry
• After market add-on products – designed, developed and integrated by 3rd party
  technology partners

“Next generation workforce and performance management in one solution in combination with a clear interoperability strategy means that we will be able to provide the ultimate user experience and return on investment.” said Matt Woodward, Teleopti Business Manager UK & Ireland.