September 10, 2008

Teleopti reports growth by 50% first quarter 2008

Teleopti grew by 50% in Q1 2008 versus Q1 2007. Teleopti Net Sales for the full year 2007 reached 100 mill SEC, which represented a growth by 37%. Profitability remained high with a Operating Result before tax of 15%.

The future looks good; the order book is good with projects from 47 countries world-wideProfitability before tax: 15%.

Teleopti is looking forward to an exciting year full of new challenges and customers in new markets.

Thanks for the successes in Western Europe, in Russia, in Middle East and in India, Teleopti is now the major WFM player on several continents with WFM market shares of 60 % in Russia, 35 % in Middle East and 20 % in India. In Europe we have an overall impressive 21 % market share. The figure for the Nordics is very high; over 70 %. We will use these bridgeheads to expand with Teleopti WFM and with Teleopti Pro.