Found a security vulnerability?
Let us know!

Teleopti values our customer’s security. Therefore, identification and correction of security vulnerabilities are part of our daily work; in new development, maintenance and operations. Even though our best efforts, things might go wrong. So if you find a security vulnerability we would like to know if it as soon as possible to be able to correct it. 

How do you report a vulnerability?

Send a mail to Please include the following information:

  • Details about the vulnerability, such as URL and type of vulnerability.
  • Description of how to recreate the vulnerability.
  • A screenshot, if applicable.
  • Contact information; name, email address, phone number, any public PGP key (you can be anonymous, but then we cannot report back in our progress of fixing the vulnerability).

What can you report?

You can report any security vulnerability you have found in any of our services. Other issues, such as logical or usability issues, questions about our services and our security, etc., should not be reported through this channel.

What will Teleopti do?

We will confirm that we have received the report and keep you updated on the progress (unless you have chosen to report the vulnerability anonymously). We will not compensate you in any way.

What is expected from you?

For us and our customers security it is important that you follow good ethics:

  • You will not take advantage of the vulnerability to get, or try to get, information.
  • You will not take advantage of the vulnerability to delete or modify information.
  • You will not affect the availability of our services., e.g. through denial of service attacks.
  • You will give us the possibility to rectify the vulnerability before you make it publicly known.
All information and documents contained within this page refer only to Teleopti WFM products and not to the Calabrio Suite of products. For more Information regarding the Calabrio product suite please visit