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What does a Welsh rugby coach & Teleopti training tools have in common?

Training Planning

rugbyThe Rugby World Cup, hosted by England this year, is about ready for the first kick-off. Being half Welsh, half Irish, I’d like to think that chances to see my team lift the cup are doubled.

I’ve been following the warm-up selection matches and there’s been a lot of commentary about the coaches. The Welsh coach has been drilling the team ferociously, but in terms of fitness: they’ve have hardly touched a ball. I guess he figures that they can play, and by fitness training, he wants to ensure that the opposition won’t be able to keep up.

Many coaches have played their second teams, wanting to give the back-up players some exposure to the big stadiums, as well as to save the best from injury. Others, in contrast, have put out their first teams and tried to dominate the warm-ups, but with mixed success. Key is flexibility.

As a segway into WFM, I have been working with the Teleopti competence and training tools. Just like the rugby coach, the modern contact-center trainer is faced with dilemmas. When is the best time to train the staff in keeping service levels where they need to be? Should I focus on soft skills or hard facts? What format should training take: at a desk with lots of 15-minute breaks or classroom based over a number of hours?

There is no correct answer as every situation is different. Flexibility is then key, which is what the Teleopti tools are designed to deliver. So, if you are looking to develop the equivalent of a World-Cup training schedule, I would highly recommend that you take a look at the Teleopti training tools. You won’t be disappointed by the flexibility they afford in meeting a great variety of needs.

Lastly, to all of you rooting for your favourite teams in this year’s Cup, I wish you the best of luck! To those of you who haven’t yet determined who to root for, for your reference, the Welsh are playing in red and the Irish in green. We need all the support we can get!

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