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Guest Blog: Top Customer Care Employees – Hold On To What You’ve Got

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EmployeesThe customer care business is going through an evolution driven by digitalization. As an example, we hear a lot about e-commerce these days. One of the world leader’s in the e-commerce space is Amazon. Their 2017 revenue of $178 billion exceeded the gross domestic product of 13 European nations.  And Amazon is by no means the only successful e-commerce company.

Given the buzz about customer self-service and virtual assistants you might think that unemployed customer service representatives (CSRs) would be flocking to trade schools to learn new crafts.  But this has not been the case. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,  in 2016 the number of people employed as CSRs increased by 4.3% compared to only 2.6% for the overall workforce.

This  highlights how people-led customer service and support is far from dead. While many of retail’s most iconic companies struggle, shops that offer specialized products and highly personalized services are thriving. Ulta Salon, where customers can get their brows done, a new haircut and a basket full of cosmetics, is ranked number 9 among the 100 fastest-growing retailers in the United States. Consumers continue to insist on talking to real individuals, either in person or via other channels.

So how do you  hold onto employees that deliver personalized outstanding service – whether it’s in person, via call, through email or over chat?

Teleopti, a global leader in workforce management software, has long understood the strong correlation between agent satisfaction and customer satisfaction.  Teleopti’s tagline is “Humanize the Workplace.”   This is not a jab at robotics and artificial intelligence – Teleopti is a leader in those fields as well.  It’s about applying technology to complement the human touch. We know that for complex queries people simply prefer to talk to other people. (Machines are a little weak on the empathy scale and often can’t handle complicated matters).  And we know the world is getting more complex. After extensive research and in collaboration with Teleopti we have identified the following eight ways to retain top employees by humanizing the workplace.

  • Self-Driven Career Development – Provide the tools and support to help employees manage their own career development.
  • Culture – Maintain a culture that values employee satisfaction, fosters work-life balance and supports the customer experience.
  • Empowerment – Empower your employees to solve customer problems, let them influence scheduling decisions and involve them in decisions on how to improve contact center performance.
  • Personalization – To the extent practicable, structure work schedules and training that respect the personal needs of employees.
  • Stress reduction – Contact centers can be stressful environments, which contributes to turnover. Create a work environment that eliminates or sharply reduces unnecessary stress.
  • Team building – The contact center environment presents a unique opportunity to build a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. Management can harness the natural spirit of friendly competition to boost morale and improve performance.
  • Automation – Diverting routine tasks to self-service boosts morale and reduces stress by relieving agents from mundane activities.
  • Technology – From the mechanical ACDs of the 1970s to today’s AI-powered chatbots, contact centers have long been incubators of advanced technology. Today’s millennial employees embrace new technology and seek out employers that are on the leading edge.

Attracting and retaining top quality customer service representatives has never been more important to the success of your customer engagement efforts then it is today.  Teleopti’s eBook, Humanize the Workplace: 8 Ways to Retain Your Top Talent offers somed terrific ways to hold onto your top people and help them perform even better.

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