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Does your WFM solution lend itself to integration with other solutions?

openMany customers, in the absence of internal development, don’t care about this: it doesn’t make any difference to them. But those that do, it’s a make or break deal.

In fact, an on-going trend in the contact-center industry is that more and more WFM customers, increasingly IT-savvy, are developing more and more of their own IT solutions.

Whether mobile or business apps, business intelligence (BI), portals, dashboards or reports, the pace of what’s being created in-house today is accelerating. To hire outside expertise is costly and worse, it takes too long. Many businesses can’t afford to wait six to nine months down the road for outside expertise to come up with what they need.

Another trend in parallel is that of a vast majority of customers, while discussing reporting, asking if this or that report is provided. To be sure, many WFM solutions have standard reports. However, in many cases, it’s not what is really wanted, nor is it the point in question.

The point in question is that there are WFM vendors out there that offer something much more invaluable: an open database so one can create one’s own reports with whatever system or platform already in place.

More precisely, customers are given a key – in the form of a Solution-Development Kit (SDK) – to access and tap into their own databases for any and all information needed to feed their reports. SDK doesn’t hold data; databases hold data. Customers are then given the key – SDK, a map of sorts – to open their database structure, indicating where to go and get the data.

With the SDK, customers can create custom apps that also leverage the power of the WFM solution itself. Unlike the majority of vendors charging, at times, very large sums for a copy of the SDK, customers using, for example, the Teleopti SDK can create apps that include the utilization of the Teleopti solution per se and its data – without having to pay one extra penny for this feature.

Customers creating business-intelligence (BI) dashboards or apps that gather data from different platforms, then centralize it for viewing and reporting purposes, when using the Teleopti WFM solution, they have the flexibility and openness to include the information that WFM contains into their BI and environment.

To be able to tap into and exploit your own data is therefore a huge advantage when considering the procurement or replacement of a WFM solution.

I cannot stress this fact alone enough: Teleopti distinguishes itself in the WFM industry as one of the few providers – if not the only – that offers an open solution where databases can lend themselves to be tapped for other internal developments, and the WFM application itself is open to be included in larger, internally developed apps.

In summary, the point made here is short and precise:
To raise awareness that a friendly, open WFM solution exists; one that won’t take you to the cleaners if your company or your contact center is doing internal development or plans to do so in the near future.


  1. Any software who is used for office database is must be flexible as the enviornment need. WFM(Workforce management ) software is an term that very helpful for desktop and mobile programs for a business manage staff scheduling. It also free so any small orgnization can also use it. Thanks for sharing the information. The Article have true fact why we have to choose WFM over the other DB software.

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