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Five minutes of fame – that’s all it takes

Motivation and Gamification, Performance and KPIs

five minutes of fameMany customer service organizations allocate large amounts of their personnel budget to recruiting new members of staff. What I find so hard to understand is why these same companies pay so little attention to actually trying to keep their employees?

Working in customer service could serve as a good “school” for employees to learn about the company culture and values, and then take the next step instead of leaving the company. But if agents add value to your company, isn’t it common sense to have some sort of employee recognition awards?

Why not promote your stars working in customer service so as to keep them longer in your organization? You’re more likely to retain your best customer service agents and also motivate them to take the next step within your company. Staff awards, rewards and milestone achievements will further motivate your agents.

Recognition can also be given on a smaller scale, based, for example, on the agent’s daily results. Another example is a gamification-based solution, such as the one Teleopti WFM offers. You set a target; e.g. the daily schedule adherence and each day that the agent’s schedule adherence succeeds the target, the agent receives a notification and a virtual medal for superior performance. These virtual medals could be accumulated to end up in some sort of prize – movie tickets, etc.

How do you acknowledge greater recognition? The employee of the month could have his/her photo on your company’s intranet or in your employee magazine. Or, why not put an article in the company newsletter on award winners? It could give your employees five minutes of fame and pride for their performance. Five minutes of fame does more to boost an agent’s motivation than a minor salary increase.

A number of studies point out that motivated employees are more productive and less likely to look to changing jobs. By motivating your employees, you also keep down the rate of absenteeism.

The actual reward process could take place at a company-wide event, such as at the company Christmas party with an Oscars-like presentation evening. Or it could be a simple invitation, or a smile and a handshake behind closed doors. Whatever you choose, make customer-service agents and their colleagues realize that their efforts are appreciated and rewarded.

Rewards or awards could be based on performance, customer feedback or even colleagues’ positive feedback. Whatever you decide to do, be open and communicative with your customer-service agents in advance about what awards or rewards are in the offing, what form they will come in and how, as well as when and where they will be delivered.

Keep a long-term perspective in mind, set a budget and inform your agents about your engagement-creation plans.

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