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What is coaching? – useful for my organization?

Training Planning

CoachingDefinitions for what coaching is may vary. According to Wikipedia:

Coaching is “a method of directing, instructing and training a person or group of people, with the aim to achieve some goal or develop specific skills. There are many ways, types and methods of coaching. Direction may include motivational speaking and training, seminars, workshops and supervised practice.”

Don’t confuse coaching and mentoring. According to Wikipedia, the differences are quite clear:

  • Coaching – generally follows the format of individual guidance that is focused on job performance and is aimed at a single individual.
  • Mentoringgenerally follows the format of generalized advice and guidance on career development.

In short, coaching will help your agents reach better or higher results. As team leader, you support and help your agents on their way to success.


Coaching enables individuals to improve their work performance and skills set from one-on-one training. Through coaching sessions, you can support your stars to advance within the organization; move from the agent level to the team leader level, and beyond – that is, if they’re interested. View agents as your most valuable assets, not as enemies.

Immediate supervisors or managers generally deliver coaching. However, these days, many organizations hire professional coaches externally – this is not wrong at all. Sometimes it is better that external coaches take your agents to the next level. Agents may also feel more relaxed with external coaching consultants. Generally, coaches should be willing to listen, observe and support the agents ability, knowledge and resources.

Normally, external coaches are trained to deliver specific individual coaching sessions to meet individual needs. Methods include setting clear standards and goals, defining the use of learning, feedback and evaluation. Some organizations that offer in-house mentoring may instead allocate a mentor of similar standing, status and power as the agent’s immediate supervisor.

When planning coaching sessions, use Teleopti WFM. It facilitates not only seeing how much time coaching takes, but afterwards, calculating how much value coaching generated in terms of added service income.

Don’t underestimate the empowerment of coaching!


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