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5 things you didn’t know about Teleopti Workforce Management as viewed by Business Systems


BusinssSystemsLogo_w400_h72Teleopti UK partner Business Systems interviewed Teleopti Global Sales Director Johan Hard about workforce management at the Customer Contact Expo in October.

The inteview also resulted in the blog post “5 things you didn’t know about Teleopti Workforce Management“, written by Tracy McAvoy, good reading!

” There are number of bigger manufacturers out there who focus on producing multiple technology solutions, whereas Teleopti’s main priority is Workforce Management. This translates into a really well-thought out product, which closely aligns with the needs of its customerbase. Customers can see it in the level of functionality the product provides and the thought and effort that has gone into harnessing better employee engagement in the latest product releases“.

Johan Hård, Global Sales Director at Teleopti, talks to UK partner Business Systems



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