My Life, MyTime

Teleopti’s employee-empowering self-service portal, which supports company needs and efficiency goals, can be accessed almost anywhere via mobile apps (IOS/Android) or any web-based devices. Whether at work or home, Teleopti WFM MyTime allows agents to stay informed of their upcoming schedules, and any changes. MyTime creates a direct communication pathway between supervisors, resource planners and agents to provide cross-organization coordination aimed at ensuring targeted service levels. 

Yet MyTime goes beyond efficient scheduling by helping agents maintain a healthy work-life balance and supporting contact centers with part-time workers to target variable demand traffic. Agents can set preferences and submit overtime availability as well as trade shifts and request vacation or absences, all from MyTime, increasing employee engagement and loyalty.

Key features of MyTime mobile app: 

  • Allows native push notifications for quick and simple communication
  • Well-structured, process-driven pages
  • Intuitive user interface, optimized for use with one thumb
  • Industry-standard technology, acceptable to almost all IT departments
  • Web-based pages so all updates occur server side

Teleopti WFM MyTime means you can:

MyTime is a real added bonus giving a predominantly young workforce the ability to plan their lives. At the click of a mouse or using their own mobile devices, advisors can access their work schedules or make holiday requests wherever they are. What is more, notifications and changes are automatically updated and reported back to advisors instantly – true employee empowerment in action!

Mark Simon, Head of Resource Planning,

Self-Scheduling for Employees

Boost your employees' motivation by giving them more control over their schedule with the newest addition to our self-service tools - Self-Scheduling! 

Teleopti WFM automation gives frontline reps the power to move their lunches and breaks on the day and for up to 7 days in advance, on-the-go via their phone or from their computer, all without having to involve their supervisor or WFM planner. Transform employee productivity and company culture by transitioning from a more rigid, manual working environment to a flexible, digitally optimized workplace.