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Putting You at the Center, Staying by Your Side

Rooted in a customer-driven culture, our team and software work to support and accelerate your success. That's why 96% of customers would recommend Teleopti and we've been named Top for Overall Vendor Satisfaction 4 years in a row in DMG’s WFM report.

Product development driven by you

Your needs and user experience are at the heart of Teleopti's development vision. Our R&D teams conduct on-site customer visits to discuss functionality needs, see different modules in use, test if new features deliver the best value and experience, and decide on areas of focus and improvement. All customers are invited to contribute with ideas through a web site where you can suggest ideas for product development and vote and comment on ideas of colleagues and fellow users.

From start, to go live, to staying alive

We believe in full customer care, providing the right support at the right stage in your WFM journey with us. Our Professional Services team offers ongoing support, from the initial WFM project and implementation, to follow-up after the software has gone live, specialized training and continued consultancy and success management. Issues and questions can of course pop up so there are Service Desk teams in place across the world to give you the help you need, reachable 24/7.

Tauri Speers, Project Manager WFM Consultant


Organization, knowledge sharing, creating and maintaining customer relationships are the passions that drive me in my projects and consulting.

Hanny Svensson, Service Desk

It’s the best feeling when you end a call with a customer or partner and you’ve helped them solve a problem or find an answer. It’s awesome, to reach that together. That ‘YESSS’ moment.

Daniel Mayer, Customer Success Manager

There’s a great satisfaction seeing a client’s knowledge and creativity in Teleopti WFM develop, and how those skills help them meet, or even exceed, their organization’s set goals.

We’re there, no matter the circumstances

  • Wherever you are in the world

    Teleopti WFM can be localized in over 30 languages, as well as with local calendars, work legislation, policies and cultural requisites. Our teams of experts based across the globe are ready to collaborate in your language, at your location.

  • Whatever the size of your team

    Just as flexibility is a cornerstone of our software, we also ensure flexibility in our customer support and operations. The Teleopti team can scale up to meet the largest of contact center workforces, yet we’re small enough to maintain the human touch with smaller customer service teams. 

  • However complex your situation

    Teleopti’s team and software focuses on making any complex situation easier. Core automation is there to handle any work rules or scheduling needs alongside WFM experts that have worked in diverse situations with a range of complexities. Whether you’re balancing omnichannel, multi-site, multi-skill, varying contract types, union legislation or much more, we can tackle and ease any challenge together.

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Building customer networks 

What better way to gain insights about the challenges and successes you face than with people working in the same field, using the same software? That’s why Teleopti fosters networking opportunities between you and our other customers. User groups and customer forums are hosted in different parts of the world each year, with inspirational success stories and experience exchanges so that people can connect and share their learning. You can also discuss ideas for product innovation in the dedicated ideas web portal.

Current customers come first 

Every company is welcome to join our WFM community, collaborate with us and use our software, but we still prioritize supporting our current customers over winning new customers. After all, family comes first. Once in the Teleopti family, you’ll be a central part of this customer-driven culture.

We have a true partnership with Teleopti in every sense of the word. The team at Teleopti is approachable, understands our needs and is always willing to go the extra mile to help us achieve our goals. When it comes to customer service, I cannot recommend Teleopti enough. Teleopti’s can-do attitude inspires us with the confidence to deliver an equally professional service to our own customers.

Vivian O’Callaghan, Solution Analyst, Fexco