Teleopti Pro as a Cloud Service

The Teleopti TEM solution is available in the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud.

This means both easier and faster implementations and minimal hardware expenditure. With Teleopti Pro in the cloud, you no longer need to think in terms of hardware investments, maintenance or licenses for OS and SQL server. Additionally, backup and storage of all data is also handled within the cloud.

By running the application in the Azure cloud you also make sure that you have the flexibility to grow as you need to, rather than having to add more storage and memory to your servers.

“Let your IT department focus more on core business rather that maintaining servers,” says Johan Flink, Product Manager, Teleopti Pro. 

Teleopti Pro informs you about all telephony activities taking place in the organisation. Irrespective of the mixture of mobile, IP and fixed telephony, Teleopti Pro gives you complete cost control of services, traffic and hardware, all without administrative hassle. Discover for yourself how Teleopti Pro makes this possible by reading on. Learn more out about the features, profit, value and advantages that Teleopti Pro can bring to your business.  

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