Teleopti Pro for operators

Enhanced services, increased revenue and increased customer loyalty. Operators provide the Teleopti Pro solution as part of their offering to customers both as a complementary product in their portfolio but also as a key cornerstone to build a strong service offering to their multi national customer base.

The basic key commercial logic for an operator to provide Teleopti Pro to its end customer is simply to meet the end customers need of a TEM solutions. At the heart of this are standardized reports and a single source of telecom expense information. 

Teleopti Pro is also instrumental for carriers wishing to be able to support their multinational customers in handling communication costs as a centrally purchased or managed solution. Teleopti Pro functions in this case as the central platform for expense information. This is primarily relevant for carriers operating within telecom alliances but also for independent carriers wishing to compete in this arena. Operating with a strong open TEM platform allows alliance members to fully service their customer since the solution is open to carriers outside the alliance allowing potential non alliance companies to also submit information for a customer specific need.

Teleopti Pro allows you to deepen the relationship with your customer to not only increase your business with them but probably equally important to also deepen the overall relationship and hence ensuring customer loyalty.

Teleopti Pro can also function as a support tool to help carrier staff to easier help customers reply to detailed cost queries.

The TEM solution offered by carriers can be the entire Teleopti Pro suite of modules or certain modules. We can tailor our offering in terms of modules or potentially specific information requirements to each carrier’s own need. We can also provide white label solutions.  

Teleopti Pro can be deployed either in your existing infrastructure, or offered by Teleopti as a cloud service in Microsoft Azure.

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