The business value of Workforce Management

At its simplest, Workforce Management (WFM) is the process by which you ensure your customer service organization has the right person with the right skills in the right place and at the right time - regardless of the method of contact.

Workforce Management encompasses many of the vital processes that make the modern customer service operation possible, including forecasting, scheduling, preference and request handling, communication, intraday management, reporting and performance management. Much more than a selection of processes or a box under a planner´s desk, Workforce Management is an operational philosophy that strives for continuous improvement in customer service, employee satisfaction and operational excellence.

Workforce Management can be a complex balancing act between the demands of customers, employees, management and other stakeholders. Customers expect quality service and staff availability; employees want job satisfaction and work-life balance; and management demands efficient, profitable and sustainable operations. When balanced and addressed correctly and successfully, these different objectives can lead to stellar customer service, motivated employees and efficient operations. This is what workforce management is all about.

The Value of Workforce Management (WFM)

A Workforce Management solution can have a profound impact on all areas of the customer service – from long-term planning and intraday management, to follow-up and performance management. Whether you are managing a contact center or the complete enterprise (including back-office, branches and stores), the right tools and processes can empower your organization to:

  • Be prepared for the demands of the business long before the customer calls or walks through the door, by creating reliable and accurate forecasts and budgets
  • Improve operational efficiency by developing optimal staffing schedules that make the most out of your resources and incorporate all types of activities into your customer service operations
  • Reduce administration and manual handling of schedules, holiday bookings, shift trades and changes, with automatic and self-service tools
  • Improve speed of answer and service levels through better schedule adherence and proactive intraday management 
  • Enhance performance at both the individual and organizational level through better reporting and performance management
  • Reduce staff turnover by giving your employees the ability to fit their work around their life – with preferences, availability and automatic request handling tools
  • Empower employees by increasing workforce planning transparency and information distribution, through efficient and effective communication tools