The business value of Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management can dramatically improve profitability. The value of Teleopti Pro is significant but varies from organisation to organisation. Here are some of the most relevant areas where you can expect to see value:

Cost Savings

  • Invoice Handling  -  Reduce the number of incoming invoices. Collect all cost data  from your mobile operator and automate the import within one invoice.
  • Optimize Subscriptions  -  Optimal subscription for each employee based on actual usage. Find the most suitable and cost efficient agreements with operators based on your own call pattern, services used and data traffic and subsequently ensuring that you are actually correctly billed.  
  • Invoice Dispute  -  Validate incoming invoices with your own logged data
  • Asset Management  - Who uses what in your organization. Keep track of all of your devices including mobiles, desk-top phones, ipads or any communication or IT device. This will help you to identify unused equipment and cut unnecessary costs. 
  • Internal Billing  -  Allocate the actual cost for each cost centre. Full functionality for charge-back management ensuring accurate cost distribution on business unit, department, cost centre and individual. Handle all different types of costs, traffic charges, recurring fees and one time charges for both telephony as well as IT costs. Cost allocation export to financial system.
  • Cost Awareness  -  Monthly cost statements pushed out to employees.  

 Quality Management

  • Response Quality  -  Improve the way emplyees handle their telephony and voice mail functions. Follow up on attendants, individual extensions or group of extensions, how well are you answering our incoming calls and what volumes of abandoned calls are you having.
  • Network Quality  -  Is your network designed to handle your volumes of VoIP traffic and are your incoming and outgoing trunks well dimensioned.