The book about Teleopti


Just go for it
– a book about entrepreneurship

In the book “Just go for it” Marita and Nils Bildt talk about their journey with Teleopti, both from a business perspective, and from a personal perspective. They explain how they managed to turn a small Swedish software company into a profitable one acquiring customers in 70 countries along the way.

When they handed over operational management of the company to others, they lived for just over a year in Hong Kong to pursue business development in China and Southeast Asia, and to write this book.
“We were once at a seminar for leaders of privately managed businesses. We were asked what we associated with the word entrepreneurship and superlatives were abound among this entrepreneurial group. Afterwards, we asked ourselves why no one said “worry” or “disturbed sleep”.

"For even though our business has so far seen sunshine and light, there have been many occasions when we have laid awake at night pondering. It probably helps to be an incurable optimist if you want to start and build up a business, a great deal of persistence in not giving up when the going gets tough. You also need a great deal of visionary thinking to enable you to maintain a positive image of the future that can serve as a valuable and appealing goal. This is an apt description of one of us. Now combine this with a realist who is always wondering about how great the chances of success are, what is the worst that can happen and what plan B looks like, and you have a decent starting point. Then you simply need the necessary courage to ‘just go for it.’ ”
                                                                                                                                            NILS AND MARITA BILDT

“It is really very simple ‘revenues before costs and revenues should be larger than costs’. Sounds simple, but there are no shortcuts, Hard work is the recipe – read yourself.”
                                                                                                                                            LARS-JOHAN JARNHEIMER


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