Our Philosophy

The core values we embody here at Teleopti are Speed, Closeness, Commitment and Professionalism.  We keep these values in mind throughout everything that we do, thereby ensuring your satisfaction and a positive and effective working environment for us. 

Financial stability

Teleopti has always had the drive and ambition to grow its business and become an even larger company.  While we strive each and every day to make this a reality, we also hold our financial integrity in very high regard.  This allows us to provide our customers, employees and partners with the assurance that Teleopti is here to stay, and as a perennial leader in the industry.


The most critical factor in our success is the relationships we maintain with our customers. From the very beginning, we have been fortunate enough to work with outstanding organisations, many of which lead their respective industries. These close and loyal relationships help us bring new and viable solutions to the market. Some of our customers include E.ON, Vodafone, Volvo, NHS Direct, Ericsson, Logica, Teleperformance, Telenor, Fonecta, Nespresso, Beeline, Megafon, Scandinavian Airline Systems, Sandvik, Tetra Pak, AstraZeneca, Telindus, Statoil, Tele2, My Travel, T-Mobile, Telekom Austria, Telecom Italia, several leading Scandinavian banks (SEB, SHB and Swedbank) and many more.

Technology Partners

Teleopti cooperates closely with many of the major solution providers in the telecom arena. Today Teleopti products integrate with most PBX/ACD/CTI solutions. Vendors such as Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Aastra and Huawei have all certified Teleopti solutions as compatible with their contact centre products for both historical and real time integrations, as well as TEM interfaces. These are key integrations for getting the most out of the accurate forecasting, optimised scheduling and performance management tools in Teleopti solutions.

Teleopti is also a leader when it comes to supporting our customers using MDM tools and managing Skype communication data. Over the years, Teleopti has built more than 100 different interfaces to mobile service providers. This is very important when managing and controlling costs and telephony usage on all company mobiles, based upon provider CDR data, (call records). 


Our Human Resource policies are based on taking a positive attitude toward each and every individual. We are convinced that it is in everyone´s nature to put-forth a high level of initiative, act responsibly and commit themselves to their work and our customers. Furthermore, we believe that inside each of us is an unrelenting desire to grow in one´s professional life and be appreciated. We know, of course, that these drivers vary from person to person and that this must be taken into account when working together. We believe that Teleopti´s ability to grow and remain competitive is related to the competence and will of its people.