Business mission

Teleopti is a leading provider of solutions for strategic Workforce Management (WFM) and Telecom Expense Management (TEM).

The company is renowned for developing advanced and user-friendly solutions based on client requirements. Hundreds of enterprises around the world rely on Teleopti to achieve optimal operational efficiency in their contact centre in order to provide the highest levels of service to their users.

History and Financials

Nils Bildt and Marita Bildt, founded the company in 1992. Teleopti has grown steadily ever since and is doing so at an increasing pace. With their different skills and experience they have complemented each other and made an impact on Teleopti values and philosophy forming Teleopti into the company it is today.

They are both still active in the Company, both are members of the board,  Nils as the Executive Chairman.

Our innovative (yet cautious) self-funding strategy continues to advance our business and our solutions.  Our successful approach has created a solid company with sustainable and self-generated growth and continued year-over-year profitability.

Our company has a triple-A rating, the highest credit score in the Soliditet evaluation system. We have maintained our triple-A rating every year since 2004.

Our company is credit worthy according to Soliditet's credit assessment system that are based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

Our recurring profit ensures our continued innovation and support of solutions our customers and partners need and can count on day in and day out. 
In January 1998 we had 9 employees; a year later there were 25 of us. Today the company has more than 170 employees.

Teleopti has several local offices around the world and operates through a comprehensive network of partners.