Workforce Management for a world in motion

Today’s customers are sophisticated; they are tech-savvy, multichannel, mobile and socially networked. Their customer service expectations are increasingly real time and 24/7.

Today's customers are vocal; using their on-line voice to impact your business in an instant. Social media trending brings attention to your company resulting in large contact volumes and unexpected workload in your contact center.

At the same time, contact center staff is increasingly mobile and prizes flexible and individualized work schedule solutions to better accommodate their lifestyle. 

Successful customer service organizations are creating strategies to handle the demands of an increasingly real time and unpredictable customer service workload by taking full advantage of the diversity and flexibility of their staff.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • The main drivers for more real time and 24/7 customer service, and the challenges it presents for workforce management in the contact center
  • The changing demographics in contact center staff and the challenges and opportunities it presents for the 24/7 customer service organization
  • The workforce management strategies that successful companies are employing to handle the increasingly unpredictable workload with more flexible, diverse and mobile employees.

If you are a contact center manager or workforce management specialist interested in learning how to stay ahead of the curve, join us in this revealing webinar today!

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