Better Customer Journey by Design

Mobility, social media and web-enabled communication channels are changing how we communicate with our customers at an ever increasing pace. Contact centers are struggling to reinvent themselves to provide superior customer experience and give their organizations a competitive advantage.

In this this 35 minute webinar we will discuss the latest trends in customer interaction, and how to efficiently leverage your Workforce Management and Multichannel Customer Service solutions to stay ahead of the curve.  

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How social and multimedia channels have changed the way we interact with our customers
  • What the main challenges and benefits of unified customer service across social and multimedia channels are
  • How to excel at managing customer interactions through social, chat and mobile channels and leveraging the power of Knowledge Management
  • How to optimize your resources by forecasting and scheduling for all channels, and managing performance in real time

Our speakers will illustrate these concepts with best practices from customers on the leading edge of interactive customer service.

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