Batelco - The Teleopti WFM Experience

Learn how a Teleopti customer, Batelco, has improved its operations by using Teleopti's Workforce Management solution, Teleopti WFM. Batelco share their experience about what their challenges have been and the benefits they have gained by using Teleopti WFM.

This 10 minute Customer Case Webinar gives an insight into how Teleopti WFM has helped Batelco with:

  • Optimised staffing
  • Higher productivity
  • Higher job satisfaction and motivation

Batelco is an integrated communications provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company delivers cutting edge fixed and wireless telecommunications services and has a market share of 45% of the free GSM operators. Batelco has one of the biggest call centres in the country with a 24/7 contact centre operation.


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