Adherence from a strategic and employee perspective

This webinar aims to help contact centre managers understand that decisions regarding adherence have an impact on the forecasted need and attrition rate, as well as team leader administration and agents’ perceived stress levels. It is therefore important that you escalate adherence-related decisions around adherence to a strategic level within the organization.

Adherence is one of the most important KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) of the customer service and it is unfortunate that it so often leads to sub optimisation and the discomfort of agents.

Teleopti invites you to a 30-minute webinar with our experienced Senior Consultant and Service Desk Manager Maureen Lundgren Gomes.

After the webinar you will have learned:

• What you need to think about when you decide objectives for adherence
• How to avoid unnecessary administration and sub optimisation related to adherence
• Employee coaching using adherence in order to increase the service level
• How to make adherence a joint concern between resource planners, team leaders
  and agents

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